Open Call for Questions

I don’t know what to write about next, since I assume that few people are interested in my scintillating recaps of the school week (wake up, go to class, do home work, eat, sleep, repeat). So, I’m turning to crowd sourcing for new topics. What do you want to know? No question is too banal, so long as we keep the conversation away from my digestive tract (we seem to talk about that enough already). Leave your requests in the comments section of this post.

I’m off to the Nadi again to go swimming, but I’ll try to write another post either tonight or tomorrow.

Ma salama!


One comment on “Open Call for Questions

  1. mom says:

    ideas from MOM…
    have you met any local folks? what do they have to say about elections, new govt etc
    describe life of a typical 20 year old egyptian college student
    what is great to shop for in alexandria?
    what do others do at the nadi?
    I am happy to hear about minutiae of daily life and of course digestive activities

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